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Whether you’re concerned with skin laxity, stubborn fat or lingering cellulite, the REFIT can help you achieve your ultimate body shaping goals.
The REFIT is a multi-functional device that utilizes Radio Frequency, vacuum, LED and dynamic pulsation technology to provide effective and customizable treatments. All of these unique functions combined with the multiple hand-pieces makes the REFIT an ideal treatment for body contouring.

Body RF - Prices below are for 10 sessions:

Abdomen €550 / 60 minutes 
Thigh €560 /  30 minutes 
Inner leg €600 / 60 minutes 
Glutes & Back Leg €800 / 80 minutes

Full body(stomach, inner legs, thighs ,buttocks) €850 / 90 minutes 

REFIT combines RF, vacuum suction and energy pulse methods to customize treatments for face and body. It helps with face tightening and rejuvenation minimizing the appearance of wrinkles.

Face RF - Prices below are for 8 sessions:

Face & Neck €660 / 60 minutes
Face €480 / 30 minutes
Neck Only €560/ 30 minutes

*The minimum amount of treatments are 8.
*We customize special packages for each person individually.

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